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That Piano Entertainment specializes in all-request, interactive live music at bars, restaurants, craft breweries, distilleries, resorts, public and private clubs, and more.

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"Here's to nights we may never remember with friends we'll never forget."

Versatile. Hilarious. Talented. Spontaneous.

That's a dueling piano show.

Two gorgeous baby grands face off to present audiences with a solid 2-3 hours of all-request piano music with options to play longer.

The voices of your patrons WILL be happily hoarse from all the singing they'll be doing, so keep your bar taps flowing!

Our dueling piano curator has spent years traveling, playing with, and selecting only the best performers in the business...

Not just musicians. Not just piano players.


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Why book Dueling Pianos?

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The word is out -- People love Dueling Pianos. So, crowds show up before the show starts to grab a seat. And they stay to hear their song played, to enjoy the interaction, and to maybe even find themselves on stage with us!

Our shows are unpredictable and spontaneous.

And since the audience picks the songs AND we rotate through an amazing carousel of many talented performers, no two shows are ever the same.

This is why Dueling Pianos works so well as a repeatedly-booked show at the same venue. Depending on your venue's needs, you may want to book dueling pianos twice in a weekend, once every month, or even every Saturday night... We will work with you to figure out the magic formula for your venue's needs.

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Wanna see us in action?

Contact us today to book Dueling Pianos at your venue!

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Event Coordinators:

We love working with you to impress your clients!

Why not consider booking dueling pianos for your next corporate event?

Email us for a quote to help you put on a night your client will never forget!

Booking live music for weddings? We can help there, too!

Email us today!

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the eclectic acoustic unstoppable all-request show

A little drums, a little guitar, a little piano...

and a lot of heart!

The Wonder Twins aren't your average, stand-in-the-corner-and-play-background-music kind of show.

Julie & Joe have decades of experience playing beautiful music together, just a few years longer than they've been making beautiful music together (happily married for 24 years!)!

Wowing fans with their fresh, quirky brand of cover songs and sing-alongs, tWt plays the

audience's requests... non-stop...the whole show.

"Double your pleasure. Double your fun.

We sing even better when we're not chewing gum."

Clients ask for them by name -- because that's what they call themselves. Maybe it's really because they not only bring the crowd, they keep the crowd.

By the show's end, the 'Twins will be friends with the audience and staff alike.

It's, like, their super power.

The Nitty-Gritty Details about The Wonder Twins:

  • PRETTY! Minimalist & clean stage set-up with a white spinet piano shell, white acoustasonic guitar, and sparkling white drum kit
  • STYLIN! Fun and flashy stage costumes and venue-specific lighting
  • VERSATILE! Both female and male vocals with duets & harmonies sprinkled throughout
  • IMPRESSIVE! Sing-along & all-request... exactly what the audience craves!
  • PROFESSIONAL! Full-color request slips provided at no extra cost (and your venue can be featured for an additional fee)
  • HI-TECH! Digital requests and an interactive online songlist for tech-savvy audience members
  • INTERACTIVE! A truly interactive show, engaging the audience from their seats, from their phones, and on the stage!
  • EAR-PLEASING! The best in speaker equipment for this duo is available (contact for pricing)
  • BONUS! If your venue wants more beverage sales, tWt is here to help your bottom line... with a twist! (Shh! The Wonder Twins don't drink adult beverages, ensuring you a solid and safe show for your venue, audience, and the performers!)

If you were wondering who to book for your entertainment,

you want...

For more information, promo video, and bios,

check out their website:

For booking inquiries, contact us at:

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Piano Ladies



Fancy or Fun!

Party of One!

Small spaces won't feel so small when

That Piano Chick steps into the room!

This solo show features a shiny baby grand piano and an equally shiny performer in Julie "Legend" Legner.

Expect a personal experience when you book this intimate all-request, sing-along show.

From room-shaking party anthems to kissworthy slow-dancing ballads, That Piano Chick's versatility will transport audiences into a piano bar atmosphere in any venue.

That Piano Chick brings all of this and more to your venue:

  • A classic baby grand piano that fits in even the smallest of spaces
  • Personality power! She knows how to engage an audience
  • Thousands of songs at her fingertips
  • A versatile voice-- from a rich, natural, original tone to having fun singing in the style of the top artists
  • Dressing the part of your venue or event-- from 20s flapper to 80s hairbanger, from classic sparkly eveningwear to sassy and flashy costumes, and beyond!
  • Full speaker system and lighting available (contact for pricing)

For more information, check out the website:

For booking inquiries, contact us at:

Thanks for checking us out!